Here are the current COVID-19 rules, which we are trying to keep up to date. You can also check for yourself here for general rules and here for rules specific to TU Vienna.

  • Entering Austria: No restrictions, you don’t need a 3G-certificate to enter the country.
  • Transport: FFP2-masks are obligatory in all forms of public transport, taxis, stations and airports.
  • Health institutions: FFP2-makrs are obligatory in pharmacies, hospitals and in doctors’ offices.
  • University: FFP2-masks are urgently recommended.
  • Shops: No restrictions in grocery stores and other shops.
  • Leisure: No restrictions in restraurants, caf├ęs, bars, museums, sport facilites, etc.

If you want to get tested, you can get up to 5 free antigen and 5 free PCR-tests (per month).