As of May 16th, all restriction for entering Austria have been lifted, so you won’t need any certificate. You are required to wear an FFP2-mask in public transport.

Getting there

Getting to Vienna is easy: there are many direct train and flight connections. The main train station, Wien Hauptbahnhof, is situated close to the city center. To reach your final destination, check out the next subsection. If you travel by plane, here are the best ways to reach the city center from the airport:

  • The most convenient way is the fast train CAT. It runs every 15min and takes you to the station Wien Mitte in about 16min. The cost is 11€ (19€ return). Tickets are sold online and at the green ticket machines with the CAT-logo.
  • A taxi will bring you to your final destination in about 20-25min and cost around 30€. There are many companies offering transfer to the city, for example this one. Additionally, many apps like Uber and Bolt work here.
  • The local’s way to travel is the public train. It takes you to Wien Hauptbahnhof in 15min, or to Wien Mitte in 23min and costs 4,30€. You can check timetables and purchase tickets online, at the red ticket machines with the ÖBB-logo and via the ÖBB-app (Android/iOS).

Getting aroud

There are many fine ways for getting around the city. Here are a few:

  • Walk: If you stay within the city center, everything is close. Walking places will usually take you less than 30min and allows you to admire the marvellous architecture. Google Maps does a good job at giving you directions.
  • Public transport: Vienna has one of the best public transport systems in the world. A single ticket costs 2,40€ and allows you to use the metro, tramway and bus. If you plan on taking more than one trip, it is way cheaper to get a pass for 24, 48 or 78hours, or a week. You can purchase your ticket at ticket machines in metro-stations, online, or via the Wien Mobil app (Android/iOS). For directions, ask Wien Mobil or Google Maps.
  • Bike/scooter: Vienna has a decent (but not outstanding) bicycle infrastructure. You can rent a bike for 0,60€/30min (unfortunately, the website with instructions is German only) using the nextbike app (Android/iOS). Many apps for renting scooters, like Bird, Tier, Link, Lime and others work in Vienna. The price for unlocking a scooter is usually 1€. Depending on the company, costs for usage are between 0,19€ and 0,28€ per minute.